Plant Rescue - How does it work?

What is the Plant Rescue?

Gabby's Plant Rescue picks up your plant that's not doing well, you gave up on or you want to get rid of (As long as the plant is still alive). You can track the progress of your plant on the website. You can buy it back (with a discount) at any time.

How does it work for my plant?

Gabby's Plant Rescue will try everything possible to Rescue your Plant. We offer this Service in Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, King City, Stouffville, Toronto and the whole GTA.. And here is how it works: 

Rescue Requirements:

- Plant is still alive
- Maximum Height: 5ft or 150 cm
- Maximum Pot Size: 12" or 30cm

Free Pickup of your plant within the GTA.
Please do not bring your Rescue directly to our Store before calling.

Please call or email to arrange pickup:
Store: +1 (437) 703-4215
or send an Message through our Facebook Page:


What does it cost?

Taking Care of a Rescue involves several steps including but not limited to repotting, bug infestation treatment, Fertilization.

After all these steps are taken, and the Plant is fit to go back home, the previous Owner has the option to buy the plant for 75% of its retail value. If the owner does not make use of this option within 48 hours, the Plant will be transferred to our Showroom in Aurora. It is up to Gabby's Plants Rescue discretion to evaluate the Retail Value for this Plant, but will always compare actual Market Prices in similar Retail Settings.

Delivery is available.

Terms & Conditions

Since we cannot guarantee success of a rescue, the owner needs to transfer full custody of the Plant to Gabby's Plant Rescue. Gabby's Plant Rescue will not be liable for a loss of the Plant.