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Philodendron Pink Princess

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bright and indirect

Top Soil needs to be dry. Drain excess water


(mist often)



4" Nursery Pot - Plant is between 12" and 18" tall.

Native to Columbia, the pink princess philodendron is a tropical aroid in the Araceae family. Despite its high price tag, this colourful plant is actually pretty easy to care for. That being said there are a few key things to keep in mind to ensure that you are maximizing the variegation on the leaves. While the pink princess produces flowers, the spathes are insignificant compared to the foliage of the plant and it is rare for them to flower indoors. 


Browning edges on the leaves of a pink princess philodendron are usually a result of a lack of humidity which causes the leaves to begin drying out. Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse the damage once it has happened, but if you increase the humidity around the plant it should prevent further browning.

The last thing you want to see on your beautiful pink variegation is brown spots, but unfortunately, this can happen if you have exposed your plant to light that is too harsh. The delicate pink spots on the leaves are prone to burning under harsh lighting conditions, resulting in large burn spots. Sometimes this can also be a result of a lack of humidity, as mentioned above.