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String of Turtles

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bright and direct for a few hours or florescent

Let top soil dry





Comes in 4" Hanging basket

They are one of the cutest-looking plants with leaves that develop into Turtle Shells

Usually, in hanging baskets, they will trail to make an excellent accent to any window or shelf. They are very easy-going plants, only needing bright light and the occasional watering. They are very drought-tolerant since they store water in their leaves and stems. Like most succulents, they can be very forgiving plants. 


If the top of your plant starts to look bare, this most likely means that it is not getting enough light. To make it full again, move it to a sunnier location, lay a couple of strands on top of the soil and pin it down using garden pins. These strands will root and make the plant appear full again.

Remove any yellow leaves to keep your plant strong and growing and use *solution to keep pests away