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Yucca Plant

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let dry out completely before watering


mist occasionally 



10-inch Diameter Nursery Pot is approximately 24" - 28" tall

Also known as Yucca gigantea, Spineless Yucca or even Giant Yucca is a great choice for any first-time plant owner. Showing off its sword-like foliage on three upright canes, this plant makes a bold statement.

Native to Guatemala and southeast Mexico, the Yucca Cane enjoys dry environments and bright sunlight.


When kept outdoors, your Spineless Yucca can reach 30 feet in height (about 9 meters). Its spiky leaves alone can reach a size of about 4 feet (1.2 meters). 

You may see “pups” popping up off the side of the mother cane at the soil level. These can provide you with more Yucca plants. If you wish to plant the mature pups, only do so in the Fall–this does the least amount of damage to the original plant.


Telltale Signs of an unhappy plant:

  1. Yellowing leaves
  2. Stunt growth
  3. Droopy leaves