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Zebra Plant (Aphelandra Squarrosa)

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or medium


Top Soil needs
to be dry


(mist often)



4" Pot: approximately between 8" and 12" tall.
6" Pot: approximately between 12" and 16" tall.

The Zebra plant features dramatic dark green leaves with bold white striping. It’s a higher-care plant that can pay off big with its high-contrast leaves and statuesque form. In the proper conditions, zebra plants can sprout bright yellow, spiked flower clusters that can last up to 6 weeks.

With very specific care preferences, we recommend the Zebra plant for plant parents who enjoy spending time monitoring their plants’ progress.

Though the Zebra plant is considered non-toxic, the sap can irritate sensitive skin, so we recommend wearing gloves when handling this plant. Under the right conditions, your Zebra plant may produce multiple flower spikes. Your plant will go into a resting period after flowering, during which it will use less water. When watering, avoid watering directly on the leaves, as water can funnel down the stems and cause crown rot.