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ZZ Plant (Zanzibar Gem)

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or shade


when top soil is dry 





6" Pot approximately between 12" and 16" tall.

This plant is tough- making it perfect for the forgetful plant owner. This hardy plant is able to survive for months without water and will grow well in any light except direct sun. ZZ Plants are graceful with wand-like stems that taper to a point. Along the stems are fleshy, oval-shaped, shiny leaves giving them a distinctive feathered appearance.

Native of East Africa, ZZ Plants require very little water and do best when they are basically ignored. If you’re looking for a hands-off plant that makes a statement, a ZZ Plant is it!

The leaves of your ZZ Plant are naturally shiny and glossy, so no leaf shine is needed. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth or mist them occasionally to keep them dust-free.  As a survival technique, the ZZ Plant has evolved to start dropping its leaflets to conserve moisture during periods of severe drought. If you forget to water yours and see the leaves fall off, don’t give up hope! Water your plant immediately and it should come back. Yellow leaves can indicate overwatering.